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Our number one priority is to provide you with a range of services that accurately understand your needs and that respond to them as perfectly as possible. With a team of experts who are passionate about the work they do in the world of computing and telecommunications, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Solutions offering incredible possibilities

Through the services offered by Ennova it, transform all your fears related to computing and telecommunication in satisfaction. You will then be able to carry out your activities in all quietude. Ennova it only seeks to make you successful in your field of activity.

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State-of-the-art services

To offer you its solutions, Ennova it takes into account the latest technological advances thus giving you, a privilege in your different strategy of evolution of your company.



With ERP, all your business information and services are managed and secured to keep track of all your activities; Even in the event of natural disasters.

CRM Maroc


The CRM that can be collaborative, operational or analytical encompasses a set of tools that facilitates the communication of companies with their collaborators, customers and partners.

Voip Maroc


Voip is the transmission of voice through the internet. It allows a company to have voice communications or to make multimedia broadcasts from the Internet.

Informatique decisionnelle


Business Intelligence (BI) or Business Intelligence represents technological solutions that, from a process, analyze data and then transform it into information that can be exploited by the actors of a company.

Systeme Informatique


A company’s information system (SI) represents those resources that enable it to manage, process, and distribute information within its services. It offers a clear visibility of the activities.

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ENNOVA IT offers you its online technical support which is at your disposal to erase all your fears related to the field of technological solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Discover some of the areas on which Ennova IT works

  • Information System

  • CRM Solutions

  • Business Apps

  • ERP Solutions

  • Voip Telecoms

  • Business Intelligence


What more? Expertise per domain for more efficiency

Ennova IT puts at your disposal its team of experts, which is composed of specialists in each of the fields of information technology and telecommunications

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Specialists for each of your queries

Anxious to provide you with answers that effectively put an end to your various computing and telecommunication concerns, Ennova IT has managed to surround itself with enthusiasts who excel in their field. Ranging from information systems to ip voice and artificial intelligence, Ennova IT follows the specifications in order to give you full satisfaction.

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We provide you with heavy tasks

Computer science and telecommunications can be heavy areas to master both theoretically and practically. This is why Ennova IT wants to make it easier for you by taking charge of setting up and managing your IT and telecommunication needs. We take care of giving you all the technology resources you need to expand your business.

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Transform your business and access the best of digital

Ennova IT proposes to transform your company using digital to impose yourself on the market of your sector of activity. Win a reputation in your field and impose yourself as a reference.

From Idea to Concretization

Start with a simple idea and we will help you visualize it to its smallest details in order to put it into action and make it flourish with support, a great technological edge.

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They love to work with us, we love them.

All our clients benefit from a 100% involvement of our team. We want each of you to be treated and served properly. Ennova IT is a mix of knowledge, know-how and know-how that will impress you.


“Ennova IT is one of the best companies in Morocco.”

“WOW I do not really know what else to say. It is one of the best Moroccan companies! I wanted to thank you for all your work. My project has been managed according to the rules of the art and in less time! Thanks a lot for your help!
– Arthur.

I work with Ennova IT and I would like to recommend it to anyone interested in building their project with a responsible company in Morocco. The customer service is very responsive and the team quite professional.


Ennova IT helped me exceed my expectations. Their reactivity marked me; Which is why I recommend the company to any company wishing to go ahead and conquer new markets.


Let me say something. You have a fairly professional business with excellent customer support, which works late even on weekends. On this, I give the score 10/10 to Ennova IT!