Tools for more informed decisions with ENNOVA IT

Through its Business Intelligence tools, Ennova IT provides you with tools that allow you to make your decisions with as many relevant elements as possible

What does Business Intelligence mean?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of technological solutions that respond to a process that analyzes data and transforms it into information that can be used by the major players in a company. This allows them to have a reliable basis on which to make decisions. Business Intelligence covers a multitude of perimeters.

  • Accounting

  • Business management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Human resources management

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Increase your decision-making power with Business Intelligence

The use of Business Intelligence solutions that ENNOVA IT offers you will enable you to perform in the art of deciding; Giving you a big advantage over your competitors

The objectives of Business Intelligence

  • Anticipating changes

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Increased reactivity potential

  • Identification of market trends

  • Automatic update of collected data

  • Efficient and quick decision-making

  • Identification of business process problems

ENNOVA IT, an expertise in each BI cluster

Ennova IT offers solutions in each of the BI clusters by monitoring the products on the market, analyzing and capitalizing information

Why choose Ennova it?

Each of the poles at Ennova IT is run by a manager who tracks the products on the market, their evolutions and capitalizes the information to make them available to employees and customers. Ennova IT ensures that you have the tools to increase your revenue and returns through effective decision-making.

  • ETL pole

  • Reporting pole

  • Datamining pole

  • Relational databases pole

  • Multi-dimensional databases and analysis pole

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