Optimize your company’s communication with VOIP

Ennova IT transforms your business by bringing performance in your internal and external communication through VoIP technologies

Interest of VOIP

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In other words, voip is the transmission of voice through the internet. It allows you to communicate by voice or by broadcasting multimedia via internet. VoIP Ip offers you many advantages as a company such as cost reduction, mobility, autonomy in maintenance, good control of your budget, good management of your customer relationship and many others . The ip voice is addressed to many actors in the entrepreneurial world.

  • Branches

  • Service Offices

  • Engineering offices

  • Architects’ offices

  • Companies with scattered stocks

  • Companies with frequent staff mobility

  • Companies with many collaborators or partners

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Services that save you doubly

Ennova IT offers you VOIP Telecom services which not only reduce your costs but also allow you to benefit from a better quality of communication.

The Benefits of VOIP

  • Good communication quality

  • Reducing your communication costs

  • Have real-time control of all calls

  • Make your calls wherever you are with the most mobility

  • Flexibility in case of relocation or addition of lines

ENNOVA IT, a service offering finely studied solutions

ENNOVA IT has specially chosen its services to ensure that they fully cover your Voip telecom needs

ENNOVA IT and its services!

In order to ensure that you can effectively benefit from all the advantages of ip voice, Ennova IT has set up many services that will cover all your needs as companies, communities, or foundations.

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  • Voice to Mail

  • Quality on Line

  • VoIP Plateform

  • Shared Directory

  • VoIP Server Communication

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